Switching off

Assalamualaikum w.b.t By the time you read this blog you might be realised this blog post is at ramadhan. As an oath to my soul, I would go off all my socm ( Blog is an exception as I plan to blog throughout ramadhan ) for the whole month until syawal. Instagram is such a … More Switching off


You are one tough cookie I would always admire. The strongest person Ive ever known ( after mum ofc! ) You are our warrior. I remembered vividly when you were lying in bed in hospital and I was there throughout the night I was there to see you had choke down huge pills for months. … More WARRIOR

Rohingya : wake up 

Masih ingatkah kau lagi siapa Rohingya ? ditindas tak ubah diperlaku sewajarnya seperti di alam maya  Rohingya tidur mu lenakah?  Gigih masih menerus kan langkah Saban hari bedilan pekikan pukulan menjadi santapanmu  Namun kau masih teguh perkukuhkan yang SATU   Tatkala air mata menjadi peneman hati lara Dunia masih diam seribu belantara  Apa yang mampu … More Rohingya : wake up 

My love,  Aro 

If I could immortalize a single memory. This would be. I remember I get easily annoyed and grumpy when being told to  feed to such a picky eater and greedy.   Soon I get attached. I love seeing him in the aquarium. His playfulness attracts me. I will always look forward to go home.  If … More My love,  Aro 

What a nightmare 

“I… I’ve been mugged” I somehow managed to stutter. “My phone’s been nicked” I’m said in disbelief The thing about panic is. It creeps up on you. I was paralysed with horror, when one minutes you are still quite calm. Still telling yourself you are okay. For the first time in my life. I’ve never … More What a nightmare