Switching off

Sorry for the sudden hiatus.

These past few months has been such a blur to which I can’t seem to get my mind clear and with everything that’s been going on in my chaotic life.

I just had to get away from all forms of social media for awhile.

Sometimes I just tell myself it’s okay to feel sad and spend a good few hours feeling sad and understanding why I feel this way. Don’t be scared of sadness! You can’t be happy all the time and that’s not reality.

Up till today, I still couldn’t get myself to be as strong as I thought I would be when dealing with losses of the people that I hold so dear to my heart.

Allah S.W.T loves you more..

I will miss everything about you. Ive missed you a lot.. Abah.. You’II always, always be in my heart. < 3

May Allah accept all your good deeds and may Allah grant you the highest of jannah.

Al fatihah.


My love,  Aro 

If I could immortalize a single memory. This would be. I remember I get easily annoyed and grumpy when being told to  feed to such a picky eater and greedy.

Soon I get attached. I love seeing him in the aquarium. His playfulness attracts me. I will always look forward to go home.

If only I had been more observant and knowledgeable about fishes I could have saved him.

If I ever had any doubt about my lack of intelligence, it was cleared up.

But today, as I’m typing this out. He is no longer exist in this world. His time of death On Tuesday 5 Sept 2017 at 3.00 am

Little did I know this was my last time seeing him in my sister’s ig stories.

To the memory of the cutest fish ive known. RIP aro your travel is completed.

May Allah forgive me.

Sabah |Tips & Tricks ( part 2 ) 


Hello readers! I’m back for the continuation my Sabah trip for day four and five ( p:s If you haven’t checked my previous blog post yet. Go and check it out! )

To me the fourth day was the most tiring day! guess what ? Kita orang pergi tiga pulau in one day! kononnya nak kasi all out sampai penat.

So here goes more pictures!

Day four 

Pulau Sapi 

When we arrived, we had our minds set to spent quite some time around the same place.

We were on the boat!
The weather was ferociously hot
‘ Hi I’m a vlogger for the day ‘

*Checking for signs of sunburn*

Pulau Manukan 

Off to next pulau

The scenery was undoubtedly beautiful. ♡♡♡♡♡
I snorkeled and managed to see many fishes without going deep sea. Hihi
I might not need to make a caption about a picture of myself next time… But hey look apa saya jumpa! :p

See, we got darker already

Pulau Mamutik 

Taking a break from cities was much needed. Surrounded by nature.On top of that, my best memory was a little excursion to the outskirt of Sabah. All the more reason for a second visit!

TIPS (5) 

  • Dont forget your sunblock! We in dire need a sunblock be it in indoor/outdoor activites. 
  • bring bread,snack and mineral water.

Anjung Senja ( Kota Kinabalu ) 

Arriving just in time for dinner.
Stuffed and satiated, it was time to clock in some exercise by walking around

Pasar Filipino ( Filipino Market ) 

looking for a souvenir?

I brought back a sun-burnt skin back home as a souvenir and it took me a weeks to recover.

TIPS (6)

  •  be extra careful with your personal belongings, handbags, wallet and etc. There will always be risk of snatch thief or pick pocket in crowded places.  
  • Dont put all of your money in one spot. Invest in a separate pouch you can keep close to your chest or front. 

Day five

The very next day we explored

Signal Hill Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu 

Leaving on a jet plane 😦

Thanks guys! You were the best travel buddies ever~ so glad how it all went well.

-The end-

Hope you like this post! Till next time. xx

 Sabah|Tips & Tricks 

 Finally! Im updating about my trip in Sabah (like anybody really cares ) which I went to exactly a few months ago. 

But nah. I’ve listed a few things/thought that I think would be great to share with you. P:s long post. You’ve been warned!

We spent five days in Sabah as everything was already planned out, we realised that we didn’t get to visit other places such as Semporna, sandakan and etc. Nonetheless, I personally think that this sabah trip was worthy for every penny (minus the part I was came back home broke :p )  considering the fact that we did get the chance to visit quite a number of beautiful places 

That night, my friends and I decided to take really good rest. So we can began our sabah exploration the next day. 

DAY 2 

We googled and booked such a nice homestay in Kota kinabalu. There were 3 rooms which was just perfect for all six of us girl. We even had an awesome en suite toilet with an amazing shower.

We left our big luggages at homestay in KK and bringing alone our backpacks for another stay in Ranau/Keningau

We left in the morning and made some stops during our en route to Ranau. We stopped by the road and took nice picture the ten of us!  

Greneery keep the scenery. I love the fact that we can view Mount kinabalu from afar.

TIPS (1) 

  • If you want to go on a road trip, make sure you book the car at least a month before your trip. Because the price may be vary. 

♡ Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site 

Our first pit stop!

The compulsory jump!

Followed by  

Sabah Tea Garden

This plantation barely compares to those in the Cameron Highland but is the only tea plantation in Malaysian Borneo so may be worth a visit if you are in this area. There’s a restaurant and you can relax by enjoying food & drink and even the sunset!

TIPS (2) 

  • It is better to wear shoes because you will be walking up and down the stairs to view the tea garden 

And next door

♡ Sungai Moroli Fish Spa ( Ranau) 

Located in Kampung Luanti Baru, 20km from Ranau Town. To enter, you would need to buy a ticket MYR 5.00 per adult. And if bring a camera it will be charged MYR 3.00 

As you enter the water. Little fish are in the shallows and they start coming up & nibbling your feet ~~ #lari #Icantevenstandfor2mins #sogeli #hahaha

TIPS (3) 

  • hang your fist half way in the water when feeding :p 


  •  Do not want to get your shoes wet? Then bring the slippers 🙂  

DAY 3 

 Cristall Hill, Kundasang 

Here’s to appreciating the beauty around us♡ 

We were in kundasang. And it was impossible to forth and back to our homestay in KK. So we stayed here for a night Instead. 

Semasa menyanyikan lagu #SayangKinabalu Terima kasih Uncle Jimmy and wife. Jasamu dikenang. ♡ dari bertanya tentang jalan ke homestay keningau terus Uncle Jimmy carikkan homestay untuk kami semua menginap malam tu :’)


♡ Desa Cattle Dairy Farm 

 If you were to enter Dairy farm you can see cows from far away before reaching the bam. 

Most of people maybe went here to see the cows. But for me, I went here for the beautiful scenery and also for the fresh & cold air from kundasang ♡♡♡♡♡

Quite a big place, spent probably 2 bloody hours here. It gets more crowded nearing noon. The entry fees is MYR 5.00 per pax. Which is affordable even bringing the whole family in. #meriah 

Nadth had the chance to feed milk to baby goats and feed the cow 🙂

Labelled as the New Zealand of Malaysia.

My ten amazing travel buddies ♡♡♡

TIPS (4) 

  •  If you really want to try the milk/chocolate/strawberri yogurt gelato ice cream. Head straight as soon as you reach before walking around because chances are some may be out of stock

Thank you for reading! 

till the next post :’) #part2 


Dark Cave Tour 

                           Oh Holla. 

    Being a tour guide for the day. And went to Batu Cave on its eve! #ThaipusamFestival

    During the day. I was able to witness the few devotees climbed up 272 stairs making their offerings and prayers to Lord Murugan. 

📍Location : Batu Cave, Kuala Lumpur 

 Thaipusam a hindu festival celebrated by the hindu devotees. ( and mainly by Tamil community to be exact ) 

272 stairs… They weren’t kidding

  Some were carrying kavadis, some even climbed up on their knees with iron rods,hooks or spit stemming from their bodies. What a sight.. 

  I was told devotees in India go on for a month long pilrimage to reach the temple. Such a holy and spiritual celebration that I could never forget. Oh ya, there’s monkeys all along the path. Its so cool! 


Here’s a view from being at the top!
Dark cave exploration begins~~

● bring the helmet,  headlamp or  torchlight for safety 

● Mineral water is a must! 

This pwetty sums up my day 🙂

Im not gonna write much for this part. As im very sleepy right now. 😅 Btw thank you for reading this entry. If you actually are. I really appreciate =’) 

Till then. 

Langkawi Island 

السلام عليكم

( Warning; Long post :p )

I genuinely feel like spending almost all of my time with them.The idea of spending time with my family isn’t just about hanging out or talking for long hours. I actually feel like being there for them in times of need.

Since I am older now. I realise that it is my responsibility to plan holidays and trips for my family and yes, here is to more adventures in the future in shaa Allah

I dont think I’ve properly introduced Medina Sofea yet. So lemme do it now. She’s the current youngest niece of the family and has an adorable dimples in tha worldonly wish he will grow up with a greater love for photography and nature than I have. [

However not the whole family could be there. As my family is not a very small one. So it isnt that easy to get everyone together. Not for now at least. But im thankful with how the plan is going for the trip already, and so is everybody else

Rayqal’s first attempt in taking photos
A must visit for us is the Dataran Helang.
I love spending my time doing outdoor activities. I find its therapeutic to the mind, body and soul. The colour green itself is easy on the eyes and heals

I dont want them to see me with my phone 24/7. I  have a plenty of time to do all those later  ☺

But taking pictures always an exception :p


I bet I made milions of grammatical errors in this post. So I hope I didnt infuriate any grammar nazi(s) out there. 

P:s Im half awake .

A story of a Palestinian.


  ” If you always complain about life ”




I complain about hunger, their whole family shared a plate together.

I complain about humidity / hotness, he worked under the blazing sun for hours daily.

I complain abt sadness, he was beaten by his mother when he lost the money he earned by himself cos it could’ve bought weeks of food.

I complain abt assignments, he woke up early morning to work then to school until he became lethargic.

I complain abt not enough clothes, he wore hand me down clothes.

I complain abt pain, his two daughters and niece were killed and ripped apart by israeli shells.

I complain abt love, he lost his wife due had leukemia.

I complain abt my car, they squeezed in bus until it exceeded the number of passengers until it was hard to breathe in it.

The soldiers asked us to empty the house “empty ? ” There’s nothing in it to empty. ” Now i wonder how those soldiers must have felt, pointing their murderous weapons to little children still rubbing sleep from their eyes and clinging to their mothers in doorways- Animals.